Introducing the Muse

What can the Conversational Muse do for you?

  • Suggest.
  • Explore.
  • Respond.
  • Expand.
  • Nudge.
  • Inquire.
  • Transform.
  • Inspire.

One hour, in a coffee shop or other public place (in or near Asheville, NC) where a one-on-one conversation is convenient and pleasant. The cost to you: none.

Why meet with the Conversational Muse?

If you are stuck, confused, bored, jaded, frustrated, blocked, overwhelmed, or demotivated—an inspiring conversation can make all the difference. Maybe you have a great idea you’d like to bat around and see what could be done with it.  (Or maybe you have so many great ideas you’d like to sort through them in a constructive fashion!) Maybe you need to make a change but have no idea where to begin.

Whatever the topic, you are likely to come away with a spark that will reignite your enthusiasm, help you recapture the pleasure of your work or relationships, or uncover a fresh perspective that will open a new way forward. Problems find solutions, nudges yield progress, a sounding board returns a helpful echo.

The Conversational Muse experience is:

Ideas not Therapy
Suggestions not Advice
Dialog not A Lecture
Feedback not Criticism
Opinion not Judgment
Fun not Scary
Productive not Tedious
Intelligent not Intimidating
Creative not Controlling
Individual not Pre-programmed
Free not Costly

Wait a sec. Did you say FREE?

Yes. One-hour conversations. Up to a total of three if mutually agreeable. No cost. No selling of any kind. No trying to convert you to anything or persuade you of anything. No agenda.

Why does she do it?

Because it’s interesting and fun. Because she enjoys solving problems and helping people get their creative mojo working. Because real conversation is soul-stuff and the CM is done with selling her soul. And most of all because it’s inspiring for her, too.

Let’s Talk!

Leave a comment below (make sure to fill in your valid email address, which won’t be published) and I’ll contact you to set up a meeting.

Important Disclaimer

The CM is not looking for a date (romantic or otherwise). The CM, although plenty smart and with experience in several creative and professional fields, is not claiming to be an expert in anything. All decisions and actions you take pursuant to our conversation are completely and solely your responsibility.

Unless you give her your permission, the CM will not blog about your conversation.

2 thoughts on “Introducing the Muse

  1. Hi Nina,
    I just had to write to say what an amazing idea this is. You continue to find new ways to make your life fascinating. I’ll be curious to hear all about this during our visit. Can’t wait to meet Loki.
    Love, Margo

  2. May the Longtime Sun Shine on you
    All Love surround you
    And the Pure Light within YOU
    Guide your way home

    Love your website…………………mean it !!!

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