What do you know? [part one]

You’re stuck. You can’t decide. You can’t get going.

You’re waiting for the muse to whisper in your ear,  to give you that word that will get you moving in the right direction, so that you can overcome your inertia and make it all happen.

But the muse is silent.

…Or is she?

Maybe the muse is whispering all sorts of helpful suggestions in your ear. Maybe she’s SCREAMING them.

So why can’t you hear her?

Maybe it’s because you know the answer. You’ve thought about it forever. You have years of experience. You KNOW what you’re supposed to do or think or feel. Your thinking self, your ego, is confident that it has the answers—and it’s just your willpower or your emotions that are failing you.

The muse’s suggestions, on the other hand, are impractical. Or goofy. Or seem to come at an inappropriate, irrelevant tangent. Or are something you tried once, ten years ago, and didn’t care for. The muse doesn’t know you, doesn’t know how you’ve searched and struggled and finally figured stuff out. The muse has no clue about your hard-fought battles to get these things right.

The muse’s whisper is asking you to set aside what you know. To try on something different. To be playful. To experiment. To take a risk. To be a child, a beginner, a novice. To slip the bonds of habit and predictability, to explore outrageous possibilities. To become a creative mixmaster using your own life materials.

You “know,’ but yet you’re stuck.

So what do you have to lose by letting go of your stale certainty and taking a flier on the juicy, wobbly promptings of the muse? What if it helps? What if it works?

After all, if it doesn’t, you can always go back to what you know, right?

(Stay tuned for “What do you know? [part 2].”)